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December 06, 2008


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This is the first time for me to post a comment.
I visited to the Toyota History Garage only once, when I went to Odaiba on a highschool excursion 2 years ago.
I slipped out of classmates because nobody loved a car in my class.

I am a student of Hokkaido University now.
I found this blog when I was looking for pictures of KP61 Starlet.
I like old cars that manufactured in 20th Century and own a BNR32 Skyline GT-R.
I'm deeply impreesed with your photographs, so I want to see more.

I'm sorry for my poor English. I will check this blog offen.
Thank you.

Johnny Rumble

That 2000GT is drop dead gorgeous! And I agree, your photography is most excellent.


Happy to see you posting again.
I love History Garage and the Grease shops, even if I don't buy anything.
I hope you'll post something on the MOONEYES Show (hint hint).


2000gt and countach together. wow, such odd opposing cars but look so great. both classics.

i love your blog, but more hi-res! i would love to make these my background.

Andrew J

Hey, awesome blog :)

I can't be sure, but I think that the last car might be one of the first Nissan Skylines


I visited History Garage recently (May 2009) and I liked it verry much.
A detailed pictural Report you'll find here:


Obviously there is constant change in the exebition.


great photos and awe inspiring blog, wish to see more of em and why dont you like make your own fan site where we can add photos and like chit chat online about them autos, like a facebook for carlovers. haha. anyway im just posting to tell you that the last car at the bottom ryt after the USA chevrolet and the neon diablo wud be the grandfather "skyline" from nissan. remember the R30++ of this generation? that car is the start of the bloodline. nyway just a friendly hint. :j keep it up and gb


da last car down da end is not an R series skyline, its the nissan skyline C-10 GT-R, the first ever GT-R dat came into production and i tink da first dat had a turbo, but she was defo da first eva GT-R model of da skyline, sum, skylines for life dudes simple as.

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